Thursday, January 28, 2010


And here we go again for another rant on the BLM. I've actually renamed them the Buffonery of Lunatic Management. Someone on another blog called them buffonery and I liked that so much I adopted it. The Lunatic part is mine. And this Mismanagement comes from someone I met at a wild horse rally in CA.

Really how much sense does a person need to have to know that rounding up horses in the dead of winter is not in their best interest? The horses in the Calico Range NV are being run to death. They had a foal last week that they ran the hoofs off of. Then the vets went back and tried to rewrite history to make it look better. I mean they literally ran the hoofs off that baby. If you are having problems visualizing what I'm talking about--here's a thought for you. If you know anything about laminitis (and given Barbaro many of us do now unfortunately) that begins to tell you how bad it was. Barbaro had the majority of his laminitic hoof removed--SURGICALLY--as in pain killers were given. But this little guy didn't even get that. He was forced onto a trailer and sent for a 4 hour trailer ride with no feet! Once he got to the holding facilitiy they realized uh oh and then put the little guy down.

Now here's the kicker. In the Calico Range they don't do sedation first and then the shot of overdose drugs. They shoot. As in a well placed bullet to the head. And all of this because some bozo really bozed, didn't pay attention, and abused this little baby for what???

The atrocities continue day in and day out. I really suggest for updates. There you will also find a link to Elyse Gardner who is our independent humane observer. I also suggest reading Craig Downer for why the horse is so necessary to fertilization for the range. I'm talking well read, intelligent, knowledgeable people. Craig and Elyse are not just doing this because they have nothing better to do. They are in this becasue they care about the horses and they care about the injustices being done to them every day.

So what can you and I do? We the little people who our Senators don't listen to? Continue writing your Senators. Continue asking Obama for a moratorium on the roundups until Congress can look into things. Ask for an independent investigation into the actions of the BLM. It is only when we join forces together that we will see an end to this horrible atrocity the BLM is perpetuating on our nation. I encourage you that if you are reading this we join together, it doesn't matter what religion you are, skin, or whether we like each other or not... . If you love horses and you want to see an end to this we have something in common that we can now build on.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too Long

Gosh its been like forever since I last posted to my little corner of the world.

Currently I have bitten by Cloud Fever. Cloud is a wild mustang that lives in the Pryor Mountains of Montana. He has been made famous by this lady Ginger Kathrens in her documentaries about Cloud that show on PBS. Ginger has filmed Cloud since the day he was born. Her video is available not only through PBS but also through This is a video that every horse loving person needs in the dvd collection. Not only is the video superb, but the narration just follows the whole story. The editing is unbelievable, it's that good.

How I got involved in this is a long long story. But I heard about Cloud through the website.

This story is so sad. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is on this HUGE crusade to wipe all the mustangs off the face of the planet. Either leave them in long term holding facilities or send them to slaughter (for human consumption)they don't care. The BLM just wants all the wild horses off federal lands because this is their new FINAL SOLUTION. (Hitler had a policy about the Final Solution for the Jews).

The BLM would have people believe that:
1. No horse was hurt or injured in the Pryor Mountain "gather". Yet, there is clear and compelling evidence that Cassidy a 2 month old foal was LAMED as a result of being driven down a mountain so far, and so fast.

2.Sue Cattoor who's husband was the contractor for this unbelievable "gather" doesn't even bother to tell people how the horses were driven from their mountain home in 90+ degree weather. What she will tell you is that the horses are SO USE to people and vehicles they don't even spook at helicopters. Apparently she wants us to believe that the horses look up, see the helicopter and think "oh, time to go the corrals; so we can all be separated again. Mares taken band stallions, 1 and 2 year olds taken them their respective bands. And all this with a ho hum attitude".

3. The BLM would tell you that a horse named Conquistador and all his family were trespassing on property off their grazing lands. To me, this is so comical. How in the world is a horse suppose to understand that he can't cross the path because he is now trespassing??? Their are no signs written in horse for him to comprehend this idea. And the idea of taking back up to the top of the Pryors--Sue Cattoor will tell you that he'll just go back down the mountain back to where he had been living when they rounded him up. Conquistador is a 19 year old band stallion and another mare that was in another herd with him during this "gather" was the 21 year old Gumpy Grulla. All told there were 14 horses age 10 and above that the BLM "gathered" and would not return to the mountain.

Happily thecloudfoundation was able to buy them at auction. Although some rescue in CO wanted Conquistador for a fund raiser and bid TCF up to 2500 dollars for him. All these people kept going up to him and asking him to step aside. Conquistador didn't need saving, TCF had a ranch made available to them at the last minute. Now those 14 adults who the BLM so callously took from their home reside on a ranch in the shadows of the Pryor Mountains. While it isn't the best situation for them, its about as close as it can get right now.

4. No one mentioned Floyd. Floyd was this younger horse who was "hotshotted" by the BLM. A hotshot is a cattle prod. He was hotshotted because he wouldn't cooperate or move fast enough for the employees. In fact, one lady hit him in the face with a paddle. Granted, it wasn't very hard but the fact that everyone laughed about it is very telling about the people the BLM has working for them.

If you're still reading this and haven't yet mangled your monitor in sheer frustration, I encourage you to study about this. Find out the facts for yourself. Read about the BLM and the atrocities they allow to happen. Read from the people who were on the ground at Britton Springs and had their access denied them because of the things they witnessed.

Write your Senators and ask them to sponsor S1579. This is the ROAM act. It stands for Restoring Our American Mustangs. It will defeat the rider that Senator Burns stuck in his bill in 2005 that did away with all the wild horse protections of 1971. While your doing this also ask them to please find a way to investigate what the BLM is doing and why.

These are not only your horses and mine, the "gathers" are being conducted with our tax dollars.

Sadly at the end of last June I was laid off from my school. Not really the biggest surprise in the world cause I live in CA and we have Governor Stupid for our Governor. He only cut 9 BILLION dollars out of education. Go figure how schools are suppose to run with no support. So anyway my sister who teaches in another state is ACTUALLY getting a pay raise this year.

Alas it really was going to be okay. I had had a lot of warning and I actually had permission from the Superintendent to volunteer for a year, while we wait to see what happens to our funding. As far as I was concerned this was a win, win, win. I basically had my job back (although I was funding me), I could help school and I could even do as President Obama has asked all of us to do--VOLUNTEER. I figured it really couldn't get any better than that.

So the first day of school comes along and guess what our new Principal says to me???? "I don't know what you're talking about, I don't know what you're talking about, I don't know what you're talking about". For every statement I made this was her answer. She sounded EXACTLY like a scratch on an old LP. Three days I come back to start clearing out my cupboard and she tells me "I've been in contact with the Superintendent's secretary and nobody knows what you are talking about". Talk about the Twilight Zone. When I asked what she would say if I showed her a letter I had from the Superintendent that said "Still looking forward to having you volunteer in the fall" she told me she would like to see it. When she saw it her response was "Oh, I can see why your confused". CONFUSED!!!!!????? Lady, I'm not confused, I'm not a liar, I'm not mistaken (at this point add whatever spin you'd care too). As of right now I still have yet to hear from her. I won't.

Thireen years down the drain and for what???? It may have not been the most pressing job in the world or the most prestigous but I finally found my little niche. And that took 30 years to find.

Friday, February 20, 2009

More thoughts

Yesterday I saw this movie about teens who want to run for student council/body president. Suffice it to say that more than one student just didn't get what student council is about. Rather they used it for their own forum to dis teachers and staff. One student expected to be "let off" with a couple of detentions and still be able to serve on student council. He was mad as a hornet when denied. Funny, an hour before you hear him say how he loves his school. When he was interviewed after the scene in the office--he owned up to hating his school and the time he spends there.

But onto happier things. I went to the doctor's this morning and boy are they happy with the results from traction. I have suffered the worst sledgehammer headaches known to man for the past two years. My poor arthiritic neck sends all the pain up into the occipital region of my brain--and all I can say is OW.

So a few weeks ago they tried traction. All this time I thought I was post concussion after my car accident and now to find out that it's physical and in my neck (vs in my head--which is all nother story)is a joy. So just about everyday you can find my lying on the living room floor getting my neck stretched--just like in olden times!!!!!

Basically what traction does is this it pulls the vertebrae off of each other. If you have calcium deposits (that's the arthritis) it also pulls these apart. I know it sounds painful but it isn't. It actually feels great to get your neck stretched. But you do have to be careful. You can't do this on your own without a doctor or some kind of medical person helping you. You have to have this set correctly (that's some of what physical therapists learn in school) and the pounds of pressure you put on the unit must do no more than "MILD PAIN GET SOME GAIN,." (sorry for yelling--this is meant as emphasis).

I love traction because no more headaches. And it helps to me to just relax. I can happily lie there and minutes later feel like a new person.

And guess what!!!!! My filter on my email account actually caught TWO of those icky spammo mailers today!!!! Two is better than getting of them in the inbox!!!!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spam mail woes and other ramblings

Since this is my first post on my very own blog I'd like to take a moment to complain loud long and clear.

I HATE spam mail. Those stupid ones about how someone tried to reach you last week, or Hi my name is such and such. You know the idiot ones about private this and that--go see for yourself. And I don't have male privates so sending me adds for viagra just doesn't do it for me. And even my filter on my account doesn't catch these.

Okay now that that's out of the way let's talk about interests of mine. I LOVE horses. I always have. I been in some accidents aas a kid (trust me--I'm sure most can relate in one way or another). But if it ever came down to choosing between a horse and a mate--the horse would win every time. Most horses return love for love. Even rescued horses. I know a lot of have seen rescue dogs who are reticient about meeting new people. But you give a horse a chance to know who you are and that you mean them no harm--most will come around. I know some won't--they were that abused. In the right environment (a lot of times some kind of sanctuary or permanent residence at a rescue) there okay. Joe at TBFriends has horses such as these. They live out in the fields and aren't messed with. Joe isn't a 501 c 3 (this means your gift is not tax deductible). But Joe needs all the help he can get.

And for a lot of us the disgusting practice of horse slaughter came to light via Barbaro and Mom Jackson. I find it insane that we Americans who don't eat horse--will happily supple European countries with this delicacy. Horse owners who call Joe and he aks them to wait two weeks while he finds their horse a GREAT forever home--and that owner can't be bothered to wait. Instead this owner is inticed by a kill buyer--who will happily pay him a couple hundred and haul off with the horse. And that horse is either sent to Canada or Mexico to meet a disgusting end.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. Haters are NOT welcomed here.